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IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Compensation Management in Integrated Talent Management 2015 Vendor Analysis

This IDC MarketScape 2015 research report is meant to provide prospective buyers critical insights into vendors’ competitive market position, strengths, and weaknesses in the areas of compensation management. A few key findings from the report include:

  • There have been a few compensation modules available for a number of years, but more generally, the market for compensation management is the newest among the various talent offerings. Historically, compensation analysts have relied upon spreadsheets with few, if any, tools for managers.
  • Client evaluations on compensation management were universally higher overall than for the other talent management modules.
  • Unlike for all the other various talent modules, high cost was the top reason across the board in compensation regardless of company size.

Download the full report now to learn more about the evolution of the compensation market and the vendors best suited to meet your needs.

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