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Disney U – Creating the World’s Best Employees, presented by author and speaker Doug Lipp

April 17th, 1 PM Eastern

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Doug Lipp shares never-before-told stories about how Disney leaders and trainers continue to innovate while preserving Walt Disney’s timeless values and organizational culture. Many organizations have stepped up their commitment to corporate training programs in recent years. However, in the dash to evolve and differentiate from the competition through training, many leaders fail to make the connection between organizational values, management support, clear expectations and the needs of their employees. Van France and his Disney University team connected the dots decades ago and overcame these and many similar challenges.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Beyond a "University" - The 4 Secrets of Success
    Slapping a fancy name on a training department doesn’t guarantee success. Learn how the Disney University has remained a guiding force within the Disney culture by following four fundamental strategies. -Walk the Park - Gather Facts and Feelings Walt Disney knew the value of learning as much as possible about the front lines … by spending time on the front lines. Unfortunately, too many leaders are now "too busy" to connect with their customers and employees. If Walt could do it, why can’t you?
  • Be Willing to Change - Or Be Willing to Perish
    Van France, founder of the Disney University, created the blueprint for the enduring success of the organization he created. He balanced tradition and innovation, occasionally "stirring the pot" and challenging the status-quo.
  • Keep Plussing the Show - Walt Disney's Secret for Success
    "Do more with less," "Improve customer service" and “Differentiate from the competition" are common marching orders during the extremes of economic booms and busts. And they are here to stay. Learn how the best leaders leverage creative training and development strategies to constantly improve product, service and morale. "Plussing" the show is as much about attitude as it is about budget.
  • Popcorn Empowerment - Turning Employees into Superheroes
    "I'll have to ask my supervisor," reflects the sad state of organizational health for legions of employees and their disgruntled customers. Differentiating from the competition means turning front-line employees into problem-solvers. Learn how Disney turns popcorn into a powerful tool for employee motivation and guest retention.

About the Author

Doug LippBy age 29, Doug was head of the training team at the Disney University at Disney’s corporate headquarters, working with Van and many other Disney visionaries.The leadership lessons that Van France, Professor Emeritus Disney Universities, shared with so many generations of Disney employees are more important now than ever before. Doug will share with you how the Disney University remains relevant-more than fifty years after its founding—and continues to bring to life Walt Disney’s dream of creating The Happiest Place on Earth.

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