Managing a Remote Workforce: How to Optimize Productivity

Presented by CEO, time coach and author Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Learn How Managing Remote Employees Can Improve Employee Productivity and Job Satisfaction

If your employees have the right strategies, remote work can increase their productivity, work/life balance and job satisfaction. If they don’t, it can lead to the opposite including: Overwhelm when they don’t know how to focus or organize themselves. Frustration when they feel like they should be getting more done, but they’re not sure how. And guilt when they’re not clear on when they should be working and when it’s OK to focus on life outside of work.

In this session, you’ll learn how employees can strike the balance between meeting their work commitments and honoring personal time by:

  • Making clear, reasonable “rules” for their workday.
  • Practicing habits that help them focus and achieve their goals.
  • Developing a structure that supports their priorities.
  • Setting boundaries with people, technology and other distractions. 

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