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3 Dynamic Ways to Capture and Share Knowledge with Video

One of the best tools for growth and internal alignment today is video. In fact, Aberdeen Group research found that video content improves business results. It’s often used by leading organizations in structured learning, but we discuss three ways video can also be used in informal performance and development initiatives with big results. Download now!

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3 Dynamic Ways to Capture and Share Knowledge with Video

Today’s employees are clamoring for more and better ways to grow and contribute to your organization. In fact, research shows that development and purpose are more potent than money when it comes to engagement. And, one of the best 21st century tools for scaling growth opportunity and internal alignment today is video.

Aberdeen Group research has found that video content improves business results. In fact, according to their analysis, businesses using video content in learning and development are more likely to achieve organizational goals, have highly engaged employees, and see key positions filled by internal candidates. These are exactly the type of results you want to see from any talent development initiatives. Video is often used by forward-looking organizations in structured learning contexts, like onboarding, instructor-lead training or required learning programs. But, you might also want to consider making video part of informal, collaborative performance and development initiatives as well. Here are three ways to use video in informal learning for big business impact:

Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing

According to the previously cited Aberdeen Group report, Best-in- Class companies are almost twice as likely as all others to utilize user generated video content. If you have video capabilities in your talent development platform, giving access to your users means much more straightforward (and long-lived) knowledge transfer. With massive demographic shifts underway at many organizations, now is the perfect time to give internal subject matter experts the means to capture and share valuable insight with peers. Built in collaboration tools are also helpful here, such as sharing and commenting capabilities, which extend the shelf life of content, ensure that it’s more easily found, and allow users to expand on shared information in context.

Manager Training

We all know how much managers matter to employee engagement and success. Yet, a Harris Interactive poll found that an alarmingly high percentage (58%) of new managers never receive any management training. The fact is, not every manager innately understands how to be a good coach. Video capability in your performance management solution can help here. With targeted video and group experiences, you can upload important lessons and make them accessible for busy leaders at key moments.

Goal Alignment

Is everyone in your organization aware of corporate goals and how they relate to personal and business development? It turns out that alignment is extremely important to engagement, especially to mission-driven Millennials. Show your people what they’re working toward. Video – especially used in tandem with performance and cascading goals – can be a meaningful, easily retrieved way to connect goals to a department or even the entire organization. Don’t forget to circle back after goals are achieved. Video accomplishment updates help employees see the growth trajectory for themselves and the organization.