Maximize the Value of Your Blended Workforce

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The enterprise workforce makeup isn’t what it used to be.

Today’s enterprises increasingly rely upon a mix of full-time and contingent workers. As a result, they must rethink the strategies, tools and systems they use to manage their sourcing and recruiting—and choose solutions that facilitate a holistic and blended workforce management approach.

They are relying more and more on a mix of full-time and contingent workers to achieve their goals and get work done expediently, regardless of worker classification. But managing this blended workforce presents challenges on almost every front—sourcing, compensation and benefits, learning, development, compliance and legal matters, and so on. 

These challenges are especially difficult for large enterprises because many are still siloed in their structure and processes, particularly when it comes to sourcing and developing talent. Full-time workers are often the responsibility of the HR department, while contingent workers are the responsibility of the Procurement or Purchasing departments. 
In fact, without a holistic view of their talent or the systems to engage talent in uniform ways, enterprises feel the pain at every point in the talent chain. Their sourcing methods lack an effective social recruiting strategy. They send inconsistent messages to candidates who may want more  flexible work versus permanent work.

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