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The PeopleFluent Guide to Using Continuous Sourcing for High Volume Recruiting

Do you find that hiring the same type of candidate, for the same type of position, hundreds or even thousands of times a year has become too time-consuming and arduous? There is a more efficient model to help you get the job done.

Download this Guide to learn how PeopleFluent’s market-unique Continuous Sourcing capability automates and targets your high-volume recruiting - giving you greater recruiting success in less time.

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The PeopleFluent Guide to Using Continuous Sourcing for High Volume Recruiting

The next time a job requisition comes up in your organization, just one click can get your recruiting team started with a pre-sorted, pre-screened group of prospects saving you time and increasing productivity. This guide walks you through the benefts of continuous sourcing and the specifc ways it can improve your recruiting process. Let’s get started.


Continuous sourcing transforms your sourcing process from reactive to proactive. Traditional high-volume recruiting is post-and-fll, where hiring managers recognize a need, post an opening, and individuals apply to that one job. You “post and pray,” hoping qualifed andidates will apply often and quickly. Once the job is flled, the other qualifed applicants who weren’t chosen often get lost in the decentralized shufe. So you rinseand-repeat for the next opening. It’s a reactive process with many efciency gaps

With continuous sourcing, you recruit candidates ahead of need:

  • High volume job descriptions post perpetually on your website, and candidates apply to a job type - not just when you have an opening to fll at a specifc location. That way you’re sourcing experienced candidates at all times.
  • Candidates are automatically pre-screened with custom qualifcation questions for each job type (i.e., skills, salary preferences, etc.).
  • When a new or replacement employee is needed, the inventory of ready-to-call, qualifed candidates is automatically brought forward for evaluation with the simple click of a button


High volume recruiting approaches the labor market from a completely different perspective compared to traditional, or “single requisition” hiring. In fact, many true high volume recruitment organizations simply decentralize the process, as it is too heavy a task and must be tackled at the feld level. This can inhibit the corporate HR team from innovating the sourcing process in a way that brings real value to the bottom line.

Continuous sourcing eases the burden on hiring managers by automating candidate delivery: • Applicants show their interest in a specifc job type(s), set their location preference(s), complete the online application process, and submit. They only need to fll out one application, instead of separate applications for each company location. • Candidates are placed in a centralized pool of applicants, where hiring managers can easily retrieve the right ones for their desired position. Every candidate is sourced to the maximum number of hiring managers until the qualifed candidate is hired.


Your recruiting management system should offer continuous sourcing capabilities that eliminate the labor-intensive aspect of having staff review every profle received and manually choose candidates.

PeopleFluent Recruiting does just that through automation, creating a pipeline of candidates drawn from a centralized pool accessible by every company location:

When mangers identify a hiring need, they simply select the job of interest from a pre-defned list of choices. If they need a different shift, language, or other variable element, it can be updated right at that moment.

Through an automated matching process, the system delivers a slate of fully-qualifed, interview ready candidates moments after the hiring manager makes their selection.

It’s all about efciency – the system does the reviewing and sorting for you.


Continuous sourcing lets you stockpile a talent inventory ahead of future need. By drawing talent from a pool of interview ready candidates and creating a just-in-time pipeline, your company could see dramatic reductions in total time-to-fll. PeopleFluent clients have seen upwards of 60% reduction in timeto-fll for retail roles using this proactive model.

Reducing time-to-fll has a striking effect on many of the core operational costs associated with a position vacancy. This is especially true for companies that support distributed labor, such as retailers, call centers, and distributors. For these types of organizations, demand, seasonality, revenue fluctuations, and other unavoidable variables make high-volume recruiting a major challenge. For instance, when a position is left unflled in retail, the store must absorb the costs associated with overtime pay to cover the shift. Employee morale and productivity can also be affected, as well as the average “time-to-serve” the customer. Every position at a location must be flled to maximize sales and store proftability. If you can reduce your time to fll by even 10% there will be a measurable ROI you can point to.