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The Digital Generation is Here: Are You Ready?

They’re the most prevalent generational demographic in the American labor force: millennials, also known as the Digital Generation, are already a significant part of your workforce – is your talent management strategy empowering them to succeed?

Learn what really matters to the Digital Generation in the workplace, and what talent management strategies will make them better, productive employees.

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Digital Millennials In The Workforce


Know How to Attract and Recruit the Best Young Talent

“Company culture is tremendously important to recruiting the best and brightest young professionals. In addition to being a top consideration for workplace selection, great culture is a catalyst for referrals from current employees. In fact, more than 35% of survey respondents said it was the number one reason they would refer someone to their company.”

Recruiting top talent from the Digital Generation requires a keen understanding of their needs – and a marketer’s mindset. Learn how to appeal to top Digital Generation candidates – download our exclusive research report.


Percentage of survey respondents citing great culture as the most important factor in referrals


The Digital Generation Has Spoken: “Feedback, please!”


of survey respondents want more than annual performance feedback

Engaging your employees in their work and investing in their professional development are both critical exercises needed to retain your best talent; that sentiment is especially true when it comes to the Digital Generation. Performance feedback and mentorship are both high priorities these young professionals look for in their companies.

And don’t think that the traditional annual performance review will cut it, either – only 9.8% of our survey respondents prefer annual performance feedback. The insights into performance, learning, and compensation uncovered in this report will help managers better engage their Digital Generation employees.

“The more feedback, the better, in my eyes, because it’s only helping me grow faster and learn.”
Ashley, 25, survey respondent

The Digital Generation has Money on Their Minds

Newsflash: young professionals have money on their minds, and they aren’t afraid to talk about it. Eroding taboos around discussing compensation with peers and colleagues is just one surprising fact we’ve uncovered with our research into this growing demographic.

“Salary is the top consideration for [the Digital Generation] taking a job, and it’s also the number one reason young professionals move on, with 78.1% indicating they would leave their job for a bigger paycheck elsewhere.”

Pays To Be This Good

85.7% of respondents viewed performance-based raises as “important” or “very important”

Perks & Recreation

When thinking about compensation, don’t forget the perks that appeal to young professionals

Let's Talk About Checks

Be ready to discuss compensation – the Digital Generation is comfortable asking for what they deserve


Hear The Digital Generation in Their Own Words

As part of our research into the Digital Generation at work, we spoke with a selection of 11 survey respondents, representing a variety of ages, job roles, and industries, to dive more deeply into some of the insights we uncovered. Here’s just one excerpt from that conversation, regarding social media’s effect on recruiting. Watch now:

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